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Please read the following rules as they are binding for users and visitors of EasyTips.dev

Last updated: 19th June 2023

By continuing to browse on EasyTips.dev you agree to abide by the following rules.

This terms agreement extends to first-time users, repeat visitors, and customers.

Our Policies

As part of our Terms of Service agreement, you agree to accept our Privacy Policy, as well as any other legal notices we may give. If you do not agree with our terms, you have the right to stop using our services.

Safe and Sensible Usage

Users of Our Website are always expected to access our content and services responsibly and sensibly. This means all malicious usage is strictly prohibited. Users are prohibited from not only harming our website or our users but also are forbidden from using our resources in an impermissible way such as hotlinking. All resources are to be used as intended only.

Fair Usage

By accessing our content, users agree to comply with our copyrights. Users may not copy our content. Our content is protected as the website’s intellectual property. Infringing upon our intellectual property rights by plagiarism will be dealt with either as a notice or via the necessary platforms to remove plagiarised content.

Users may use our content as research but must provide a link back to our content. The research must quote our content word for word. This only applies to text-based content and infographics. Other types of content such as generic images are forbidden for use or hotlinking.

Right to Stop Usage

We may stop the usage of our website or its services if we deem it necessary to do so. What defines being necessary is at our discretion.

Right to Restrict Access

We may restrict access to certain users or demographics in circumstances that harm our website or our users. We also have the right to restrict resources after it is established that those resources will be of no benefit to such users.

Interruption of Service

Whilst we try to provide continuous services, we are not liable for interruption of services that may occur due to maintenance, emergencies, errors, or other reasons. We will try to bring services back as soon as possible. You may contact us via other platforms to contact us in case of problems.

We may use third-party links or software to provide our users with additional functionalities or services. These links may help us to monitor our users without identifying them unless users approve by giving us their information.

Third-party software may be allowed to run on our website to allow users to use certain functions such as payment gateways. This does not disclose user information except user input or transactions through third-party software.

We may also use third-party links as affiliates as outlined in our Disclaimer.

Disputes Resolution

In the case of a dispute, users agree to first contact us. We must mutually agree to reach authorities thereafter. Disputes between users may or may not be held into account by us. Users are expected to comply with our Safe and Sensible Usage terms.

Comments Policy

Users may leave comments that are free of malicious and marketing links. Promotional and malicious links will be promptly removed. Users posting malicious links will be blocked promptly. Users trying to promote their resources may be blocked or receive a warning.

User Data

Users must provide accurate and up-to-date information. Uploaded data is expected to be accurate and up to date, any such data will be considered as such unless felt otherwise, in which case we may not use such information.

Privacy Policy

Please refer to our Privacy Policy page for our privacy agreement.

Under 16s

Under 16s are not advised to purchase anything on our website without parental approval or supervision. This applies to our services too.

We aim to make online accessibility safe and comfortable for all our users and expect all users to comply with us to do so.

Obligation of Terms

Our terms and conditions apply to all users of our website and services. In case of a breach of a clause, this does not excuse members will the obligation of complying with other clauses. In case of a breach of a clause, users must continue complying with such a clause in the instance that they still have access to our website.

We may provide additional terms and agreements with readers, partners and anybody interacting with us. If agreed upon these terms shall be binding.

Our Content

As content providers and publishers, we believe we may err in the information provided. All such errors are unintentional. We ensure that all information is accurate and up to date. All information shall be evaluated by the readers.

EasyTips.dev shall not be liable- directly nor indirectly- for the use or misuse of our services.

EasyTips.dev is a website dedicated to providing valuable and true content. The information on this website is not legal advice nor is it financial advice. We do our research and share our knowledge, but readers must do their research. Although we aim to provide the most accurate information, we assume no responsibility for errors on our website.

Our System

As we ensure in full to keep your information accurate and up to date, it is the user’s responsibility that the data they provide is accurate and true.

It is the user’s responsibility to ensure to only use the service as intended and not misuse the services.

We ensure that our system is free from malicious software and safe for use, we are not liable for data breaches not within our power of security.

Users must only provide sensitive data if the browser shows the website to be safe and secured with HTTPS encryption.


We may allow our users to leave reviews on our website. These are completely user-generated without our input. We, therefore, take no responsibility for reviews except offensive language, for which reason we have the right to remove such reviews. Fake reviews will be removed without warning. For example, machine-generated reviews or competitor false reviews.

We have no control over third-party links. We can only ensure that we choose the safest external links. We, therefore, leave it to the user’s discretion to read and abide by the policies of the third parties. Because we take care to only use safe links, we therefore will not be liable for shortcomings of third-party links.

If you feel a link is malicious, please feel free to contact us, and do not click on such a link.

Errors and Shortcomings Disclaimer

Although we try our best to provide the best services, we are also aware that we may have errors and shortcomings due to human error or computer error whether directly or indirectly.

You are requested to inform us via the contact form if you happen to discover any shortcomings.

User Access

All our content is intended to be accessed by all approved human visitors. This means all content and services are intended to give every demographic and user a fair chance to read and sign up. We may disable some demographics due to repeated malicious human, and computer attacks or a lack of activity.

We do not intend to discriminate against any users that we believe are benefitting from our content or may benefit from our products or services. We may refuse to provide services to users that we believe will not benefit. In case of an error in our judgment, users may contact us to access such services. We shall not be liable for claims of unfair dealings as it is not in our values to be unfair or unjust to users. Our services are on a first come first serve basis.

Intellectual Property

Our content is aimed to be purely original. In case our content happens to infringe upon others’ rights, you may contact us, and we will remove such content if the claim is found to be true.

Views According to Authentic Sources

We aim to make sure that every content is verified for accuracy. In case any content happens to be inaccurate, we shall not be liable. It is up to the user to verify our content.

In case of an error, users may contact us regarding such an issue.

Responsibility Disclaimer

Users of our website are expected to be responsible for themselves. This means they must ensure they are safe online.

Because we aim to make our website and services safe and secure, we shall not be held liable for errors and shortcomings. In case of such an event, users are prohibited to upload sensitive data.


We shall not be held liable for malicious use and malicious software. This is due to our efforts to ensure our websites and services are free from such harm. Compensation from such malicious users will be in the hands of relevant authorities. We are not liable to give compensation due to outside software attacks or malicious software.

While we may provide financial advice, users are not to take this as legal or financial advice. It is the user’s responsibility for their finances and self-safety. Users are expected to abide by the laws of their country.

Right to Annul Service

We retain the right to annul service at our discretion of what we deem necessary. We will try our best to ensure valid users are given a reason for why we annulled a service. We ensure all users are treated fairly without discrimination.


In case of dispute, the issue shall be dealt with us first confidentially.

Logo and Trademarks

Logos, trademarks and any such properties shall not be removed by any notices unless we agree with the claimant and owner parties that such properties infringe upon their rights, and we all agree to amend these digital marks.


We ensure that our users are secure from malicious software and are safe online. We are not liable for misuse or third-party errors. We are also absolved from outside attacks and malicious usage.

Changes to These Terms and Conditions

We may make changes to our terms and conditions. The last date of the edition is mentioned at the beginning of each legal page.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about these Terms and Conditions, you may contact us via the Contact page.